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News Releases

December 11, 2018Latest Riverside Exit Sounds Great
December 03, 2018H-D Advanced Manufacturing Company Soars with Latest Exit
November 19, 2018The Riverside Company’s Latest Exit a Natural Success
November 16, 2018Tooth Be Told: The Riverside Company Makes Clean Exit
November 12, 2018The Riverside Company Puts Safety First with Add-On to Mintra Platform
November 02, 2018The Riverside Company Safely Lands New Platform Investment in SureWerx
November 01, 2018The Riverside Company and Momentum Textiles Weave in New Investment
October 17, 2018The Riverside Company Completes Logical Add-on
October 16, 2018Riverside Raises Its Glass: Latest Investment Is Clearly a Win
October 10, 2018Reaping the Benefits: Riverside Makes Strong Exit
October 04, 2018Riverside Shares Joint Success During Its Latest Exit
September 20, 2018The Riverside Company Breaks Ground with Latest Investment
August 28, 2018The Riverside Company Closes Latest Micro-Cap Fund
August 16, 2018The Riverside Company Makes a Clean Sweep with Latest Investment
August 07, 2018Riverside Strengthens European Team
August 03, 2018The Riverside Company Turns Alchemy into Gold(en Opportunity)
August 02, 2018The Riverside Company Exits Specialized Medical Services, Inc.
July 30, 2018The Riverside Company Records a Win
July 23, 2018Riverside Syncs Connection with Time-ly Investment
July 16, 2018Arrowhead Adds Ratioparts to Its Quiver
July 11, 2018Riverside Makes Marquee Investment
July 10, 2018Riverside Takes Flight on Latest Exit
July 02, 2018Riverside Looks to Increase Bandwidth at Winxnet
July 02, 2018Riverside Gets Foot in the Door of Swiss Panel Maker
June 20, 2018Structured Equity Investment Made In Support of Dwyer Group Acquisition
June 11, 2018Riverside Adds Facilities, Expertise to Castlewood
June 04, 2018Riverside Franchise Investment Finds New Home
May 23, 2018Riverside Invests in SaaS for Class
May 22, 2018Riverside Aims For Hire Growth at German Recruiting Technology Company
May 17, 2018Riverside Finds Clear Potential in Glassboard Company
May 10, 2018Riverside Delivers the Right Dose
May 06, 2018Riverside Puts Chips on Table, Prepares to Sell Tate’s Bake Shop
April 23, 2018Riverside Locks Down First Irish Platform
April 18, 2018Riverside Adds Senior Advisor to Augment TIC Industry Expertise
April 17, 2018Riverside Secures Another Platform
April 03, 2018Riverside Sells Work Health Group
April 03, 2018Riverside Mooved To Exit Animal Health Company
March 29, 2018Riverside Continues to Bone Up on Exits, Sells OrthoD
March 22, 2018Riverside Paves Way for More Growth at AWP
March 14, 2018Riverside Adds 360 Stay Safe to Omnigo Software
March 08, 2018Riverside Adds Vivid Learning Systems to HSI
March 05, 2018Riverside Makes a Graceful Exit
February 27, 2018Riverside Exits ICM
February 27, 2018Riverside Manages Another Dwyer Add-on
February 06, 2018Riverside Expands ComForCare
January 10, 2018Riverside Accounts For Expansion, Adds to Brookson
January 03, 2018Deal Whets Riverside’s Appetite for Growth