Private equity investment strategy


The Riverside Company's unwavering focus on the smaller end of the middle market has led to a buy-and-build investment strategy that seeks to maximize potential for companies while creating wealth for sellers, partners and intermediaries.

Riverside’s Investment Strategy And Approach

  • Our dedicated global Origination team works closely with intermediaries to quickly evaluate opportunities and develop a customized investment strategy.
  • Our transaction team is adept at picking opportunities and unlocking the full potential of companies. This team is committed throughout our investment, ensuring deep knowledge of the company and its marketplace, strong relationships, continuity, and a personal stake in the success of the investment.
  • Our deep operating resources include former CEOs and other seasoned experts. Working together, Riverside and each company’s management team execute the investment strategy and plan. We seek to grow companies organically via new products, expanding markets by adding channels, enhancing international operations and improving processes.
  • We exit investments after achieving shared goals for growth and value. Our investment strategy and approach seeks to produce long-term successes.
  • Throughout the process, we align our interests with our partners’ – Riverside employees are motivated by investing in our funds, and we broadly distribute carried interest.