Partners to Facilitate Growth

The Riverside Company's dedicated Operating team works closely with each portfolio company in various capacities from initial screening through exit — consulting with management teams to add value through a systematic approach to growth initiatives, operational improvements and add-on investments.

Our team has decades of operating, management and functional experience across a wide variety of industries and companies. They deliver diverse talent and experience designed to both address challenges and accelerate growth.

The Riverside Toolkit

The Riverside Toolkit is a vetted group of consultant firms with strong relationships with Riverside.

The Toolkit delivers highly specialized expertise to address specific needs, including:

  • Optimizing pricing
  • Improving sales and marketing
  • LEAN manufacturing
  • Refining sourcing and supply chain
  • IT needs, such as CRM implementation and cybersecurity

Experienced Operating Partners

Riverside seeks to partner with capable management teams
with whom we share a common vision and a growth-first philosophy.

We are a true partner, employing a systematic and value-added approach to assist companies in driving value and growth by
leveraging proven operational resources.

Riverside strives to make companies quantitatively bigger and qualitatively better.

Riverside has hundreds of tools and tactics to help make companies bigger and better.

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