Safety, Security, Compliance & Risk Mitigation (SSCRM)

An Experienced Partner for Safety & Security

Riverside has been partnering for growth with Safety, Security, Compliance and Risk Mitigation (SSCRM) companies for decades, working with a total of 42 Safety & Security businesses in its history.

We’re eager to expand our investments with SSCRM companies and have the tools and experience that can help accelerate growth.

Growth Opportunities

SSCRM companies have growth potential because they help customers avoid or minimize bad outcomes. In an increasingly complex world with a variety of threats to health and security, companies that mitigate or eliminate risk are generally well-positioned to succeed. These companies have opportunity to leverage a number of growth drivers, including:

  • Increasingly significant and complex government regulation

  • Greater customer demand for SSCRM considerations, as businesses, governments and individuals increasingly prioritize it in any decision-making process

  • Instability in society increasing the need for SSCRM services, including health crises, mental health, gun violence or other destabilizing factors

What We Seek

Riverside partners with growing SSCRM companies in the following categories:

Industrial Safety

  • Food Safety, Compliance & Training
  • Fire & Life Safety Systems (commercial & residential)
  • Gas Detection Systems

Public Safety

  • Smart Cities
  • Healthcare Institution Safety Systems
  • Emergency Networks
  • Surveillance Systems
  • University & School Safety Systems

Workplace Safety & Compliance

  • Company Compliance & Regulatory Monitoring Solutions
  • Employee Safety Training and Credentialing Modules
  • Worker physical safety products
  • Drug Testing & Employee Compliance Monitoring Solutions

Cyber Security

  • Threat management protection from cyber attacks
  • Network security solutions for corporations & governments
  • Cloud security and compliance solutions
  • Security lifecycle management solutions for IT operations

Risk Management Software

  • Software for protecting IP
  • Command center software
  • Supply chain security & traceability
  • Insurance risk mitigation assessment & management software

What We Offer

Riverside has a global team of experts with extensive experience in helping SSCRM companies thrive. We use proven tools and tactics to improve sales proficiency in idiosyncratic SSCRM markets. We can drive growth quickly due to:

  • Deep experience with technology providing an edge in tech adoption.
  • An ability to quickly source and integrate add-on acquisitions (more than 400 in our history)
  • Capital that allows for growth through all kinds of variables, such as unexpected policy changes

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