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Bike 24 – Growth Story

Pedal Pushing

Dresden, Germany-based Bike24 is one of the top online retailers of cycling and fitness products. Riverside’s three-year investment helped transform the company into a global e-commerce player.

Riverside helped Bike24 nearly double in size during the ownership period through numerous strategic and operating initiatives. It began with the focus on key projects to help the investment get off on the right foot.

Riverside's Growth Strategy

Riverside's Edge for Bike24
Identifying Key Needs at Bike24
The Right People - The Right Time
Consistent and Compelling Growth

Riverside Creates Value

The most important ingredient to a company’s success is Riverside’s ability to create value. As a global firm focused exclusively on making smaller companies better, Riverside has the tools and team to help these businesses thrive.

Focus Online

Better website functionality, improved search-engine optimization and mobile capabilities to drive traffic

Improved Warehousing and Inventory

Implemented a sophisticated DIO monitoring system to manage inventory in a smarter more efficient way

Become Better Business Operators

Professionalizing the company, particularly with respect to financial reporting

Key Financial Leadership

An outstanding new CFO greatly improved financial reporting

New Blood, New Ideas

New Board Members brought fresh ideas and new perspectives to the process


Added 100 employees during Riverside’s hold period


Grew core markets and expanded overseas


Sold to the world’s largest online bicycling retailer

February 2015
Consumer Brands, Software & IT
Business Unit
Riverside Europe
Private Equity
This is an exciting opportunity for Bike24. Riverside was the right partner at the right time, and we successfully implemented all our goals. Andres Martin-Birner | CEO

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