Riverside’s private equity portfolio

Specialized Investing - Education and Training

The Riverside Company has invested in and grown more than 25 education and training companies, including those specializing in pre-K, K-12, post-secondary education, corporate training and certifications

The Right Team

Riverside’s education and training efforts are spearheaded by a sophisticated team of senior advisors, operators, transactors and origination experts with deep experience with education and training businesses. Education expert Bob Bowen, the CEO and Chairman of Scientific Learning, works with Riverside to deliver decades of executive experience and provide crucial advice and skill that drives growth of its portfolio companies.

Education and training companies choose Riverside because of its expertise and strong reputation in the field, and because Riverside understands the regulatory and funding environment and the challenges within the space.

Riverside's Advantage

Riverside offers many advantages:

  • Sector Expertise. Riverside is one of the world’s most active and successful investors in the education and training space.
  • Added Value. Riverside has a proven track record of partnering with strong companies and helping to make them bigger and better.
  • Growth Support. Riverside can provide capital and expertise to improve sales and marketing, financial reporting, and a number of other areas. The firm often helps find and acquire attractive and complimentary companies to supercharge growth.
  • Global Resources. Riverside’s team delivers a world of knowledge, new markets, and sourcing opportunities. The Riverside Toolkit of vetted service providers adds dozens of focused resources geared toward improving production, pricing, marketing and other key areas.

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