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Riverside enjoys strong relationships with advisory firms, investment bankers, consultants, accountants and attorneys. Riverside has the scale, resources and reach to quickly assess a wide variety of investment opportunities at the smaller end of the middle market. Riverside funds control and non-control transactions and offers flexible solutions as a lender.

Through more than 30 years and more than 600 investments, we have helped intermediaries get their deals done and get them compensated for giving us a great investment opportunity.

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Riverside's Global Origination

Riverside’s origination team sources thousands of investment opportunities a year, seeking to deliver growth opportunity everywhere Riverside investsTheir understanding of local markets and established relationships help Riverside find and evaluate excellent opportunities efficiently and effectively.

North America

Hollandjeremy BKG 300X450 Jeremy Holland Managing Partner, Origination Los Angeles +1 310 499 5084
Landisrobert BKG 300X450 Robert Landis Founding Partner, Origination New York +1 212 265 6408
Stromcheryl BKG 300X450 Cheryl Strom Principal, Origination Cleveland +1 216 535 2238
Oharastephen BKG 300X450 Stephen O'Hara Vice President, Origination Dallas +1 415 348 4910


Seddonthomas BKG 300X450 Thomas Seddon Principal, Origination London +44 203 077 1915
Alafalali BKG 300X450 Ali Al Alaf Vice President, Origination Stockholm +46 8 545 0 3030

Riverside's Investment Criteria

Riverside has an array of options designed to meet virtually any need for companies with up to $35 million in EBITDA. Operating in North America, Europe and Australia, Riverside has nine different strategies covering control and non-control investing, flexible lending and early stage SaaS growth capital.

Riverside provides a range of options designed to drive success at the smaller end of the middle market.

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