The Perfect Fit

Riversides international Origination team scours the globe for add-on opportunities. The right add-on acquisition, carefully sourced and integrated, can rapidly expand a company, opening new markets, adding customers and delivering new capabilities.

Throughout our more than 30-year history, we’ve helped management teams with acquisition strategies. More than half of our portfolio companies involved at least one add-on acquisition, with many fueling transformative growth and helping regional companies become global.

We support the work associated with target identification, due diligence, capital arrangement and documentation, allowing the management teams to leverage our expertise to expedite timing while minimizing disruption to the core business.

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Riverside's Global Origination

Riverside’s origination team sources thousands of investment opportunities a year, delivering growth opportunity everywhere Riverside invests. Their deep understanding of local markets and established relationships help Riverside find and evaluate excellent opportunities efficiently and effectively.

North America

Hollandjeremywebsite Jeremy Holland Managing Partner, Origination Los Angeles +1 310 499 5084
Landisrobertwebsite Robert Landis Founding Partner, Origination New York +1 212 265 6408
Butterfieldjimwebsie Jim Butterfield Partner, Origination Dallas +1 678 644 5734
Stromcherylwebsite Cheryl Strom Principal, Origination Cleveland +1 216 535 2238
Oharastephenwebsite Stephen O'Hara Vice President, Origination San Francisco +1 415 348 4910
Mackpollywebsite Polly Mack Regional Director, Origination New York +1 917 206 2483

Europe and Australia

Seddonthomaswebsite2 Thomas Seddon Principal, Origination London +44 203 077 1915
Alalafaliwebsite Ali Al Alaf Vice President, Origination Stockholm +46 8 545 0 3030
Turzaivicawebsite Ivica Turza Managing Director, Head of Origination Asia Singapore +65 658 99432
Our Origination Team brings functional experience across a wide variety of industries within small and large companies.

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