Commitment to Responsible Investing

Riverside strives to create long-term value while considering how its activities affect all of its stakeholders. Riverside’s stakeholders include its limited partners, employees, portfolio company employees and other vendors and business partners, as well as the neighborhoodsand communities where Riverside and its portfolio companies operate or that are otherwise affected by Riverside’s work. Riverside believes that adherence to responsible investment principles can improve the value of its portfolio companies, thereby benefitting all of its stakeholders.

Riverside has a Responsible Investment Committee staffed by senior leaders in the Firm and chaired by its Chief Sustainability Officer. While Riverside fund managers are ultimately responsible for determining the strategy of each of their products, the Responsible Investment Committee coordinates efforts for the Firm’s responsible investment practices, policies and processes, as well as the sharing of best practices and responsible investment guidelines. The guidelines are the framework to foster responsible investment practices across Riverside’s buyout strategies, but also serve as advice for managers of Riverside’s non-control products.

Responsible Investing and Values

Riverside believes it has the duty to behave responsibly to the environment, mitigate the impact of climate change and believes that mitigating climate change offers potential economic opportunities.

Riverside supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.

Building a diverse workforce is a priority and Riverside has a formal strategy in place, including working with a variety of universities and organizations such as Level20, Girls Who Invest, and 51Vets. Riverside believes that diverse teams achieve better results, and attract and retain high-quality talent.

Riverside is a proud founding partner of Ownership Works, a nonprofit organization that works to provide portfolio company employees with the opportunity to build wealth through shared ownership. Riverside is selectively implementing shared ownership programs in certain strategies and portfolio companies.

Riverside believes that good governance is foundational for any successful business. A strong governance structure has clearly defined roles and responsibilities backed by a set of business values that build a culture of transparency and accountability.

In addition to Responsible Investing, Riverside follows a principles-based value system and approach. Its core tenet is to treat others in the same way we would want to be treated. Honesty, integrity and high ethical standards are crucial to everything Riverside does.

Riverside believes that responsible investing guided by a set of core values benefits all of our stakeholders, and makes the Firm a more attractive partner and a more rewarding place to work.

Riverside became a signatory of the UN PRI in 2022.

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Corporate values only have heft when they’re more than empty rhetoric or lofty goals. We strive to live by ours every day.

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