Riverside Private Equity Company

Why Partner With Our Private Equity Company?

The Riverside Company believes our approach to middle market private equity is simple and consistent. Our successful investments are built on growth—we strive to make companies bigger and better.

Predictability May Be Boring To Some,
But It’s Thrilling To Us

Our approach:

  • We focus exclusively on the smaller end of the middle market, with over 600 transactions since 1988.
  • We combine investment and operating resources, finding great companies and striving to grow them.
  • With more than $8 billion in assets under management and over 200 professionals, Riverside believes we have the muscle to fund smaller end of the middle market acquisitions and the expertise to grow companies quickly.

Our professionals hang their hats around the globe on four continents. That kind of diversity of knowledge and experience is anything but boring.

Riverside looks forward to becoming your private equity investment partner. Our teams of financial and operational experts have a fair, fast process that helps ensure successful outcomes.

  • Certainty to close. We move quickly for compelling opportunities, sometimes closing deals in as little as 30 to 90 days. More peace of mind — we have never failed to close a deal for lack of funding.
  • A solid offer price. After evaluating assets, performance and all other considerations, we offer full and fair value.
  • A committed partner. Riverside prefers to partner with sellers seeking to remain involved in the company as we work together to enhance processes, expand product offerings and attract new customers.
  • Dedication to growth. Once we invest in a business, we are as committed to growing it as the original owners