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Looking Back at LEAP: Reflections from Riyadh

I recently enjoyed a trip to Saudi Arabia for the LEAP Tech Event in Riyadh, where I spoke on a panel on the role of technology in investment strategies of institutional capital partners. I learned a lot and saw a lot in just a few short days. Here are some highlights from the visit:

• The scale, diversity and quality of LEAP is extraordinary, especially since it’s just in its third year. With more than 150,000 attendees and hundreds of speakers across more than a dozen stages, it was inspiring to participate in the wave of technological innovation. 

• LEAP left me excited and hopeful about the future. So many of the ideas and technologies discussed have the potential to quickly transform not only companies for the better, but also entire civilizations.

Riverside Co-CEO, Stewart Kohl in Riyadh for LEAP Tech Event

• Riverside has a bigger footprint than even I sometimes realize. While in Saudi Arabia I visited a worksite of Riverside portfolio company Chronicle Heritage, which specializes in heritage consulting and commercial archaeology. I engaged with archaeologists, toured the remains of a historical village, and met with student interns from Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University.

• It’s a small world after all – While at LEAP, I met up with the co-founder and CEO of Riverside Acceleration Capital portfolio company Ziflow. And it was a serendipitous treat to run into a Riverside outside board member at the busy international airport who also happened to be there for the event.

After several days in Riyadh and the surrounding area, I was affirmed in my view that Saudi Arabia is a fascinating place that’s changing with incredible speed. Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 initiative is evident in the transformation in many walks of life.

It was an ideal setting for an event like LEAP and seeing so much progress happening in real time was an awesome experience.

-Stewart Kohl

Riverside Co-CEO, Stewart Kohl at the LEAP Tech Event

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