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Riverside’s Latest Add-on to Alter Pharma Expands Its Product & Service Portfolio

The Riverside Company, a global private equity investor focused on the smaller end of the middle market, announced that its portfolio company Alter Pharma, a Belgian pharmaceutical group focused on the distribution of medicines and the development and manufacturing of generic drugs commercialized worldwide, has invested in EcoPharmaSupply (EPS). Also a Belgian pharmaceutical services and product company, EPS is a distributor and partner of choice of several pharmaceutical brands on the Benelux market, including prescription drugs, medical devices, OTC pharmaceuticals and consumer health products.

Riverside acquired a majority stake in Alter Pharma in December 2017. Under Riverside’s ownership, the company has successfully launched several injectable products on the U.S. market, invested in a promising pipeline of products under development, attracted and retained a talented group of individuals and professionalized its operations to become best-in-class.

The add-on acquisition of EPS ties perfectly with Alter Pharma’s purpose of making affordable medicines available to all. It provides instant access to a strategic platform selling drugs in shortage with a presence in Belgium and international markets, complemented by a portfolio of own and distributed OTC and consumer healthcare brands, including an own line of eco-friendly and natural bamboo health and wellness products.

“The acquisition of EPS represents an important development in Alter Pharma’s growth story and fits well within the company’s strategic plan. In particular, EPS’ portfolio presents numerous products sold under an exclusive distribution agreement and provides access to critical medicines in shortage or not (yet) registered to healthcare professionals making it a very strategic add-on,” said Riverside Partner Damien Gaudin.

The investment will allow Alter Pharma to enhance its services and product offering, further leveraging its regulatory compliance and market know how while maximizing procurement and logistics capabilities.

“Our strength lies in our agility and ability to respond to market needs in a very short time frame, which is of crucial importance in the shortage management and pharmacy distribution markets,” said EPS Managing Director Grégory Tjoens.

“We strongly believe that combining the entrepreneurial spirit of EPS with our operational and strategic capabilities will be a catalyst and accelerator for Alter Pharma to continue its journey to become the reference partner for both retail and hospital pharmacies in and beyond the Benelux,” said Alter Pharma CEO Filip Van de Vliet.

This is one more example of Riverside’s ability to source and execute proprietary opportunities and dedication to the Healthcare industry with more than 180 companies invested since the firm’s inception in 1988 with a team of global experts dedicated to growing these companies.

Working with Gaudin on this transaction were Senior Associate Maxime Meulemeester and Associate Bence Putnoky.

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