ESG+V Makes for Better Investing

Riverside does more than pay lip service to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues. We strongly believe that considering ESG issues makes us better investors, a better place to work and a bigger force for good in our communities.

We’ve even added to the acronym. Around here, it’s ESG+V, for values. That V is in part a hard-earned letter, as we’ve been burned by companies who lack them, and seen excellence from companies that exemplify them.

We consider these letters every time we make a decision, including in hiring and investing. We’ve built Responsible Investment Guidelines that include an ESG&V Index and details on how it is part of everything we do. Details include:

  • Statement of belief in the value of ESG+V and the correlation between strong governance and well-run, effective companies

  • A commitment to consider ESG+V issues as part of due diligence on all deals

  • A pledge to limit and/or mitigate the environmental impact of a company's operations

  • A commitment to invest in companies that treat employees ethically, including efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in hiring and leadership
Corporate values only have heft when they’re more than empty rhetoric or lofty goals. We strive to live by ours every day.

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