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Alchemy Systems – Growth Story

Transformative Growth

Alchemy Systems wanted to capitalize on its e-learning software, which delivered results with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The company wanted to significantly increase market share and expand its offerings.

Riverside worked with Alchemy to capitalize on increasing opportunities, driven by regulatory requirements and consumer demand. Together, the teams boosted Alchemy’s sales and marketing, invested in R&D to enhance offerings and smoothly completed three add-ons to transform the company into a full-service e-learning training provider.

Riverside's Growth Strategy

The Riverside Approach
Growth Plan
Operating Muscle
The Right Add-ons
A Remarkable Outcome

Exponential Growth

Riverside shared a vision with the management team for exponential growth at Alchemy. With the team's expertise in both the training & education and software and IT spaces, Riverside determined how to add value both through the right add-ons and through careful operational improvements.

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Build on Strength

Alchemy’s industry-leading software and massive library of training courses were a strong foundation for growth.

Img Alchemy Wisetail

Integrate Add-ons

Quickly and effectively integrating three add-ons allowed Alchemy to accelerate growth without any day-to-day negative business impacts.

Img Alchemy Training

Invest in Growth

Riverside supported expansion of the sales team and heavy investment in new courses and technology to ensure Alchemy retained its leading position.

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Expertise Where It Counts

Riverside’s Operating team provided the industry experience and talent to facilitate remarkable growth.

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Deep Insights

Alchemy gained further insights from the annual Riverside Leadership Summit, a two-day intensive training meeting of executives from the firm’s global portfolio.

A Fast Track to New Customers

Riverside’s Global Origination team sourced three key add-ons during the hold.


Catalyst Awareness

Blue-chip customers in the retail grocer space


Chilton Consulting

A foundation for Alchemy’s new professional services group



Additional quick-serve and grocery customers

Img Alchemy Meeting


Alchemy increased its enterprise value.

Img Alchemy Scale


EBITDA grew during the hold.

Img Alchemy Realization


Sold Intertek Group, a multinational assurance, inspection, product testing and certification company headquartered in London

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December 2012
Education & Training, Business Services
North America
Business Unit
Riverside Micro-Cap
Private Equity
Riverside were partners throughout the process. They didn’t interfere with me running the business. They were there to support what we wanted to do and were there the whole way. The whole experience was very positive. Jeff Eastman | CEO

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